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The island life is divided in two. Summer time and winter time.

You can imagine that summer time is all about tourism. Fulfilling wishes for a big number of tourists coming and going to the island only for a short period of time wanting to see as much as possible in only one day. Boats, cars and scooters everywhere, heat of the concrete roads and unavoidable jams in the markets…

And then there is winter time. The raw nature law starts to rule the land and beautiful port of Vis turns into a ghost town. You can walk the island and feel like you are the only person on the world. Winter is short but the loneliness gets so deep in to the bones of people, that each one of us start to feel insignificance of the human life.

And there is this most precious “time in between”. Locals also call it low season. The days are warm and not too hot, the nature is green and fertile, blue skies above us and million shining stars at night. The first or the last visitors are making stony streets just enough lively and you can sense the slow tranquil rhythm of the island. There are things to do but there is no hurry. So this is the time that makes an island living the best if someone can choose his lifestyle.

One gets enough time for oneself, doing yoga, walking quietly long walks on a fresh air, picking up herbs and making some handcraft. The last but not the least is also spending time with our neighbors, helping each other in everyday tasks and enjoying flavors of our grandmothers recipes.