• Spending creative, active and relaxing time at incredible paradise sandy beach in Stoncica bay.
  • Mornings and evenings yoga practice and meditation at different breathtaking spots.
  • Taking walks in the nature, picking up herbs, making handcrafts and natural cosmetics, socializing and having fun.
  • Enjoying the peaceful surroundings.
  • At night observing the sky of thousand glittering stars.
  • Taking a day off and visiting some of the islands special spots and homesteads.
  • Delicious vegan and vegetarian meals.




I am a Massage Therapist and a passionate Yogini who has trained with masters in India, America and Slovenia. I offer life guidance to those who need help with framing their lifestyle changes, movement adjustments and general path to wellbeing. I developed my own style of Yoga that stems from years of bodywork. I have been in dynamic movement all my life and have treated many people as a massage therapist, so I wanted to find a way of movement that was therapeutic for the body, mind and soul.

I Kindly invite you to join me in September for a special retreat, where we will focus on touching our true potential through powerful JIN and JANG practice. We will search for the equilibrium between softness and power and support the process with intense breathing exercises that will eliminate all the tensions in our physical and emotional bodies. The aim of the workshop is to find a true connection outside of our comfort zone and fill our bodies with warm energy that will keep us going in the months ahead. The workshop is suitable for everyone, no matter what level yoga practitioner you might be. It is a group process with strong individual support.





I am a fresh born yoga instructor with just a short period of teaching yoga on the island. I believe we all remain students for our lifetime and we all meet our teachers along the way. I moved to the island 4 years ago to find a more tranquil way of living and in search to spend more time with the nature.
I am also organizing the retreat and activities we will do together.

In the morning practice we will start connecting to our breath, slowly waking up the body with vinjasa and preparing ourselves for the day. Evening yoga practice will be devoted to alignment of our postures, observing and calming our mind flow and staying in meditation for a while. I can offer my own genuine approach to what i learned about yoga until now and I welcome all of you.

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747 eur for 8 days


585 eur for 5 days

!! 20% discount for early birds / 2 months before the retreat starts !! 07.07.2019 
!! 10 % discount for applications 14 days before the retreat starts !!24.08.2019

if other dates or days suits you better, please notify us.
The application deadline for next coming retreat / 10 days before it starts



  • We will be settled in a quiet bay named Stoncica, 7 km away from the port of Vis. You will be accommodated in the bay just a step away from the sea. We offer one studio apartment for two and apartments for 4 to 6 people with single or shared rooms (with single or double beds). SEE THE PHOTOS


  • The apartments are all well equipped and have a terrace looking to the bay. There are paths nearby leading along the sea and the smell of Mediterranean is breathtaking.



It is possible to choose a package of 8 days or 5 days.

If other dates or days suits you better, please notify us.

The application deadline for next coming retreat is 10 days before the retreat start – 28.08.2019 !

If you decide to apply send a completed application form to isolaissa@gmail.com

The application form is on this link: APPLICATION FORM sept 2019

We will send you all the informations about transfer an advance payment

For additional informations send us a mail or give us a call:

+385 97 67 11552 (cro – WhatsApp / Viber)




The ferry runs daily 3 times. The pick up point for transfer to the Island is from the port of Split. The day the retreat begins the ferry departs from Split at 11.00 and 18.30 and the speed boat (no car or pet allowed) at 15.00. Pick up time is 13:30 at the port of Vis.
More about the island.