Lets disconnect to reconnect

Join us on each morning and evening in Stoncica bay. Morning practice begins at 9.30. and evening practice at 18.30. You are welcome to join in at any time. Book your mat by contacting us (097 67 11 552)

day 1 – tuesday

18.30 - evening grounding flow 

We will flow in slow practice focused on concious breathing and discovering connection between morther earth and our physical body. In this grounding sequence we will be working with the element of Earth and finding our foundations through its stable and grounded energy.

day 2 – wednesday

9.30 - detox your body mind and soul 

We will dive into a purifiyng yoga class filled with lots of spine twists and pranayamas. Positive thoughts make our life healthier and more balanced. 

18.30 - yin yoga class 

After morning dynamic practice we will restore our body with soothing yin yoga poses and learn how to calm anxiety and stress. We will work on deeper layers of our body and rejuvenating our tissues. 

day 3 - thursday

9.30 - love flow 

With a heart opening practice we will explore our thoracic spine anatomy. When we are open for love miracles are happening.

18.30 - essential yoga poses for well being 

Restorative yoga practice with forward bends will drive us to begin a comunication between our mind and body. 

day 4 - friday

9.30 - lets get emotional 

In this hip opening sequence we will work on our pelvis and hip rotators paying attention to our root and sakral chakra. I attract healthy relationships when i reflect with love peace and respect. Loving others is easy when i love and respect myself. 

18.30 healing power of vibration

Relaxing and calming meditation with sounds of gong and shamanic drums.

day 5 – saturday

9.30 - slow hatha flow 

At the end of our island retreat we will sumarize all what we have been learning and experiencing so we can come back to our every day lifes and nourish forgiveness, courage, gratefulness, love and humor.



IVAN GAĆE   11.5. – 18.5. 2019

Hi beautiful people, I’m hatha and vinyasa certified yoga teacher. I started practicing zen yoga years ago because I had sport injuries and also wanted to find different kind of movements for my body. At the beginning of my yoga practice I was just into physical aspect of yoga but shortly after I fell in love with all the philosophy and wisdom that long yoga lineage carries. I’m vegan now, teaching yoga to my groups, doing workshops, traveling around the globe in search for new experiences, knowledges and not to forget to mention I love life to the fullest :). Grateful for all that I have and for all that will come. Come and join me on magical island of Vis and let’s dive together into mindfulness and let’s connect with our inner selves. Our practice will be flowy vinyasa like the flowy crystal sea in front of us, filled with restorative asanas, breathing techniques, pranayamas and guided meditations. Let’s enjoy in healing climate and healthy food. Glass of local wine is more then welcome. Love to all. Namaste.

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SARA ZANINOVIĆ.   hosting all retreats

I am a fresh born yoga instructor with just a short period of teaching yoga on the island. I believe we all remain students for our lifetime and we all meet our teachers along the way. I moved to the island 4 years ago to find a more tranquil way of living and in search to spend more time with the nature.
I am also organizing the retreat and activities we will do together.

In the morning practice we will start connecting to our breath, slowly waking up the body with vinjasa and preparing ourselves for the day. Evening yoga practice will be devoted to alignment of our postures, observing and calming our mind flow and staying in meditation for a while. I can offer my own genuine approach to what i learned about yoga until now and I welcome all of you.

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Za sve polaznike učitelja joge Ivana Gaće. Zadnji rok prijave je 5 dana prije početka retreata.